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Small family bakery with a heart.

The Laughing Place Bakery is a small, family-owned bakery in Gladstone. They love building community and helping those in need through their events and gifts at the bakery, but they weren't making enough sales to support their generosity. We were approached to help increase their online presence and move away from solely using a Facebook page for their online presentation. They also wanted to be able to keep using Instagram to post daily deals, images, and updates to their clientele.

The brief

Build a simple, clean website with Instagram integration, to enable easy site updates by submitting recent news and updates on Instagram and have those changes sent to the website automatically.


The Laughing Place Bakery




Web/Mobile Site, Copywriting

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These guys are so calm, professional, patient, caring, talented, and have so much heart for the businesses they work with.

- Alicia Hommon, Owner of The Laughing Place Bakery

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